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"Bear" Gouache, 8in x 8in, $95

Blue Heron

"Blue Heron, Smith Mountain Lake" Acrylic on Board, 9in x 12in, $175

"Linda's Tiger"

"Linda's Tiger" Watercolor, 11in x 14in, Prints Only


"Buckley" Acrylic, 9in x 12in, $135 Framed

"Celebrate Me"

"Celebrate Me" Watercolor, 15.5in x 11.5in, $300 Framed

"Lookin' for Love"

"Lookin' for Love" Watercolor, 14in x 14in, $150 Matted

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

"The Lion Sleeps Tonight" Acrylic on Gallery Canvas, $150

"Gentle Guards"

"Gentle Guards" Acrylic, 10.5in x 13.5in, $175

"Turtle Love"

"Turtle Love" Acrylic, 11in x 14in, $150

"Tag 54 Where Are You?"

"Tag 54 Where Are You?" Watercolor, 9.5in x 6.5in, $95


"King" Watercolor, 8in x 10in, $80

"Bubble Fish"

"Bubble Fish" Watercolor, 6.25in x 8in, $80


"HAM...ilton" Watercolor, 15in x 22in, SOLD

"Mother Love"

"Mother Love" Watercolor, 10.5in x 13in, SOLD

"Backyard Lookout"

"Backyard Lookout" Acrylic, SOLD


"Buttercup" Watercolor, SOLD

"Watching You"

"Watching You" Acrylic, SOLD

"Dancing Cranes"

"Dancing Cranes" Watercolor, SOLD

"Blue Bird"

"Blue Bird" SOLD

"Flying Owl"

"Flying Owl" SOLD

"Threes Company"

"Threes Company" SOLD

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