"Ponder" Watercolor, 10.5in x 14in, $150 Matted

"Jewel of the Pond"

"Jewel of the Pond" Watercolor and Gouache, 8in x 10in, $150

"Vase of Pinks"

"Vase of Pinks" Acrylic, 14in x 18in, $175 Framed

"Sun Burst"

"Sun Burst" Acrylic, 12in x 16in, $175

Undersea Gold

"Undersea Gold" Mixed Media/Acrylic, 16in x 20in, $150

"Mushroom Parade"

"Mushroom Parade" Watercolor, 5.75in x 10.5 in, $45


"Pink Geraniums" Acrylic, 9in x 12in, $135

"Pots in Provence"

"Pots in Provence" Acrylic, 8in x 12in, $90

"Le Porte Secrete"

"Le Porte Secrete" Acrylic, 12in x 16in, $150

"French Pomegranate"

"French Pomegranate" Acrylic, 10in x 10in, $135

"Poppy Glow"

"Poppy Glow" Acrylic, 12in x 12in, $150

"Fungi Flare"

"Fungi Flare" Watercolor, 10in x 12in, $125

"Mom's Bouquet"

"Mom's Bouquet" Acrylic, 12in x 16in, $175

"Falling For Dogwoods"

"Falling For Dogwoods" Watercolor, 7in x 8in, $80

"Das Boot"

"Das Boot" Watercolor, 5in x 7in, $60

"Dogwood Glow"

"Dogwood Glow" Watercolor, SOLD

"Beacon of Joy"

"Beacon of Joy" Watercolor, 8in x 10in, $125

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