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Bucket of Sunflowers

"Bucket of Sunflowers" Acrylic, 8in x 8in, $85

P is for Pumpkin Pie

"P is for Pumpkin Pie" Acrylic, 9in x 12in, $135 Framed

Dogwood Glow

"Dogwood Glow" Acrylic, 9in x 12in, $135


"Springtime" Acrylic, 6in x 6in, SOLD


"Vibrance" Acrylic on Paper, 14in x 18in, $295 Matted and Framed

"Jewel of the Pond"

"Jewel of the Pond" Watercolor and Gouache, 8in x 10in, $150

"Vase of Pinks"

"Vase of Pinks" Acrylic, 14in x 18in, $175 Framed

"Sun Burst"

"Sun Burst" Acrylic, 12in x 16in, $175

"Fungi Flare"

"Fungi Flare" Watercolor, 10in x 12in, $125

"Pink Geraniums"

"Pink Geraniums" Acrylic, 9in x 12in, $135

"Le Porte Secrete"

"Le Porte Secrete" Acrylic, 12in x 16in, $150

"Falling For Dogwoods"

"Falling For Dogwoods" Watercolor, 7in x 8in, $80

"Das Boot"

"Das Boot" Watercolor, 5in x 7in, $60

"Beacon of Joy"

"Beacon of Joy" Watercolor, 8in x 10in, $125

"Mom's Bouquet"

"Mom's Bouquet" Acrylic, SOLD

"Poppy Glow"

"Poppy Glow" Acrylic, SOLD

"French Pomegranate"

"French Pomegranate" Acrylic, SOLD

"Pots in Provence"

"Pots in Provence" Acrylic, SOLD

Undersea Gold

"Undersea Gold" Mixed Media/Acrylic, SOLD


"Ponder" Watercolor, SOLD

"Dogwood Glow"

"Dogwood Glow" Watercolor, SOLD

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