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"Winslow" Watercolor, 11in x 15in, $175 Matted and Framed

"Bourbon Street Blues"

"Bourbon Street Blues" Acrylic, 12in x 16in, $150

"Sleepy Cat"

"Sleepy Cat" Watercolor, 9in x 10.5in, $80

"Quick Buff"

"Quick Buff" Acrylic, 18in x 24in, $250

"Too Pooped to Pop"

"Too Pooped to Pop" Gouache, 10in x 14in, $150

"Generation Gap"

"Generation Gap" Watercolor, 10.5in x 13.75in, $150


"Anticipation" Watercolor, 22in x 30in, $350

"Italian Paper Maker"

"Italian Paper Maker" Watercolor on Gesso, 8in x 10.5in, $125

"The Bankers"

"The Bankers" Watercolor, 9.5in x 11.5in, $135


"Angel" Watercolor, 8in x 10in, $90

"Watching Klimt"

"Watching Klimt" Watercolor, SOLD

"I'm Watching You"

"I'm Watching You" SOLD


"Mya" SOLD


"Astin" SOLD


"Charlie" SOLD


"Freddy" SOLD


"Rose" SOLD


"Sunbather" SOLD

"For Karen"

"For Karen" SOLD

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