"Golden Field"

"Golden Field" Acrylic, SOLD

D.C. Sleeps Tonight

"D.C. Sleeps Tonight" Watercolor, 9in x 12in, $90

Peaceful Harbor, Nova Scotia

"Peaceful Harbor, Nova Scotia" Acrylic, 16in x 20in, $275

Leading Lady, Nova Scotia

"Leading Lady, Nova Scotia" Watercolor, 20in x 22in, $175

"Wine Country"

"Wine Country" Acrylic, 9in x 12in, $135

"Barn Before the Harvest"

"Barn Before the Harvest" Watercolor, 6in x 9in, $55


"Shadows" Watercolor, 9.5in x 12in, $95

"Next Stop"

"Next Stop" Watercolor, 9in x 12in, $95

"Winter Peace"

"Winter Peace" Watercolor, 8.25in x 11.5in, $95

"Barn After the Harvest"

"Barn After the Harvest" Watercolor, 6in x 9in, $55

"Edge of the Woods"

"Edge of the Woods" Watercolor, 8in x 10in, $85

"Sunset in the Pines"

"Sunset in the Pines" Watercolor, 8in x 12in, $95

"Bright Day"

"Bright Day" Gouache, 11in x 11in, $175

"Poppies in Provence"

"Poppies in Provence" Watercolor, 8.5in x 11.5in, $150

"Magical Forest"

"Magical Forest" Acrylic, 12in x 16in, $150

"Passageway en Provence"

"Passageway en Provence" Watercolor, 9in x 12in, $125

"Copper Door"

"Copper Door" Watercolor, 9in x 12in, $125

"Ponte Feccio"

"Ponte Feccio" Watercolor, 5in x 7in, $125

"Beached on Monhegan Island"

"Beached on Monhegan Island" Watercolor, 7in x 10in, $80

"Cliffs of Cassis"

"Cliffs of Cassis" Watercolor, SOLD

"Running Waters"

"Running Waters" Acrylic, SOLD

Blue Heron Along the VA Tidal Basin

"Blue Heron Along the Virginia Tidal Basin" Acrylic, SOLD


"Sentinel" Acrylic, SOLD

"Beached for Winter"

"Beached for Winter" Watercolor, SOLD

"Golden Field"

"Golden Field" Mixed, SOLD

"Serenity of Galway Bay"

"Serenity of Galway Bay" Watercolor, SOLD

"Sailboat Study"

"Sailboat Study" Watercolor, SOLD


"Waiting" Acrylic, SOLD

"My Favorite View"

"My Favorite View" Watercolor, SOLD

"River Runs Through It"

"River Runs Through It" Oil, SOLD

"Storm in Honfleur"

"Storm in Honfleur" Watercolor, SOLD

"Copper Tops"

"Copper Tops" Watercolor, SOLD

"Franklin County Farm"

"Franklin County Farm" Watercolor, SOLD

"Pat's Chicken Coop"

"Pat's Chicken Coop" Watercolor, SOLD

"In the Shade of the Plane"

"In the Shade of the Plane" Watercolor, SOLD

"Honfleur Harbour"

"Honfleur Harbour" Watercolor, SOLD

"Birch Trees"

"Birch Trees" Watercolor, SOLD

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